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Arosweet Sugar Free Drops / Stevia Liquid by Aroma Store


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Code : ASASL15
Brand : Aromastore
Quantity : 15 ml

This is a Vegetarian product.

100% Natural Sugar-free drops made from stevia extract, Now available with free home delivery ( All Over India )

  • 300 times more sweetener with Zero Calories.                                  

  • Have excellent safety and tolerability.  

  • Compatible with all hot and cold beverages.

  • Easy to formulate both as a sachet, tablet, liquid formula

  • 100% Organic and safe to use.

  • One drop is sufficient for a cup of tea or coffee.

100% Natural Stevia Leaves Extract.
  • Has excellent compatibility with all dairy products like Tea, coffee Kheer Etc.

  • Suitable for all type of diet beverages and has stimulant properties.                                  

  • Stable and not susceptible to oxidative loss.

  • Clear and colourless solution.

  • Long shelf life even in liquid formulation.                                

  • Does not impart any colour or flavour to any food. 

  • Does not caramelize.

  • Thermo-stable for baked and fried foods.

    • Can be used as a zero-calorie sweetener for traditional medicine formulation.

    • Can be used in OTC product like medicated toothpaste, mouthwashes, cough formulation, etc. 


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