Aroma Store

About Us

Aroma Store is a leading manufacturer dedicated to provide the ultimate, Pure Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare Products for over 32 years. It was Established in 1985 by Er. Hare Krushna Panda, Aroma Store has steadily expanded from a small- cottage industry into one of the largest specialist aromatherapy suppliers in the market today, distributing a vast range of award-winning aromatherapy products. Experience yourself the huge benefits of buying aromatherapy products from an expert company who supplies the finest products at affordable prices and cares about the needs of every individual without polluting  the environment. Our product range satisfies our customers desires for outstanding, pleasurable aromatics and therapeutic qualities from naturally-derived ingredients that are personally and environmentally protective and tested without the use of animals.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be the preferred supplier of Aroma & Organic Products with innovative design and solutions. Our Mission is to bring Aroma Essential Oils to every home and to inspire them  towards the Natures Living Energy and its wellness, purpose and abundance.

Aroma Store is one of the fastest growing Aromatherapy retail company in India. The companys ethos stands for value and variety and remains focused on selling quality Aromatherapy, Organic products for significant good prices targeting the very core of the nation. With currently more than 10 stores under its umbrella out of which 3 in Bhubaneswar, 2 in Bangalore, 2 in Hyderabad, 1 in Chennai, 1 in Thiruvanamalai,  1 in Goa,  1 in Jaipur and 1 Kolkata

Upcoming Stores:

1 in Bhillai, 

4 in Bangalore, 

2 in Hyderabad, 

1 in Bhubaneswar, 

1 in Jammu, 

1 in kolkata, 

1 in Vishakhapatnam, 

1 in Pune and Nagpur.