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Aromatherapy Daily Care Shampoo

Aromatherapy daily care hair cleanser Enriched with rare essential oils which ensures shiny, calm and healthy hair. This wondrous natural blend of jojoba and Morocco argan oil is working an elixir for your hair .


Aromatherapy Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Anthocyanins from butterfly pea extract improves blood circulation to scalp which promote strong shiny and healthy hair.


Aromatherapy Anti Dandruff Shampoo

.It\'s made from rare herbs such as berg mot, kaffir lime, butterfly pea. Helps for anti dandruff, anti itching,


Aromatherapy Herbal Shampoo

Our Herbal shampoos are the natural hair care remedy that can help in getting benefits like hair growth, strengthen hair, reduced hair fall, etc. ...


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