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Hair Vitalizer Oil

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Code : ASHVO-100
Brand : Aromastore
Quantity : 100 ml

This is a Vegetarian product.

Control your hair fall effectively within 26 days with one of the best Ayurvedic hair Vitalizer.

To be the ultimate Sassy Queen, Toss the hair into the wind. Make it real by using our aroma store Hair Vitalizer which is a blend of various ancient Ayurvedic Herbs like Jatamansi, Amla, Methi, Bhringraj, Juniper, Brahmi with proportionate of different carrier oils like Coconut, Olive, Almond, Apricot Kernel & Castor Oils. Allow the hair roots to absorb the properties and regular usage can bring a drastic change in Volume, Length & look.

Our Aromatherapy Hair Vitalizer Oil Enriched with nature's blessed ingredients like cold-pressed Argan oil, Amla Fruit (Divyaushadi), Vetiver, Almond, Jojoba, Neem, Sesame & Olive oil that protects hair roots, helps to grow more finely roots within the scalp. It reduces inflammation, smoothens the scalp, and leaves a shiny, nonsticky feeling.
It is manufactured under stringent quality control with Genuine Ayurvedic herbal essential extracts like Ocimum Basilicum, Nilpushpa, Mandukparni, Brihati, Yastimadhu & Bhringraj Panchang, Nagarmitha root, Jasmin leaf, Gunja, Karan seed, Varun Chhal, Karanj, Datura leaf, Indravaruni fruit helps in strengthening, nourishing hair follicles, protects premature greying & boosts hair growth from inside.
Maintains a cool scalp and effective for all types of hair, promotes vitality in building a pristine personality. The goodness of nature picked & packed with care to make hair strong & long. Its regular usage improves blood circulation to hair growth and improves concentration in the mind.
A Quick precise on ingredients: I) Jatamansi is a herb whose rhizomes speeds up the hair growth by increasing the follicular size. II) Amla is a super food for anyone's hair, rich in antioxidants, Vitamins and Amino acids which helps in protecting your hair from various heat, damages and strengthens hair. III) Methi (Fenugreek seeds) are rich in folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, high protein and nicotinic acid content which helps in reducing hair fall. IV) Bhringraj aims to balances all Doshas, which in turn helps in promoting hair growth, strengthens hair. V) Juniper oil is a natural tonic for hair, brings back the natural luster. VI) Brahmi strengthens & nourishes the hair, presence of alkaloids in Brahmi binds the proteins to the hair shaft making it thicker and strong.
Pour AromaTherapy Hair Vitalizer Oil in your palm, gently massage along the hair roots & entire scalp applying your 5 fingers for 3-5 minutes. Feel that your entire scalp gets covered, leave to rest for 1 hour or overnight. Apply a little  Aromatherapy Daily Care Shampoo to wash your hair under a shower while bathing. Your feeling is believing after the bath, brush gently hairs with a comb to manage your style. 

Ratings & Reviews

Sonali Mishra New Delhi  - profile picture

5 Good product

Sonali Mishra New Delhi 2021-03-30

Good result oriented product,really amazing product
Kunal - profile picture

5 Good product

Kunal 2021-03-30

Good result oriented product,really amazing product
soumya bikash panda - profile picture

5 Best hair vitalizer oil

soumya bikash panda 2021-03-30

I used this hair oil last two month,it reduces my hair fall.when i applied to my hair it looks like hair conditioning.it;s smell very amazing.
Sanghamitra Mohapatra - profile picture

5 I am using Aromastore's products since last 6 years

Sanghamitra Mohapatra 2021-03-30

Thank you to the team, after long time finally I can buy Aroma Store products online.
harekrushna panda - profile picture

5 Excellent product . I got good result after using this product and I like to refer to my near and dears.

harekrushna panda 2021-03-29

Value added product
Sarita Kejriwal ( Ghaziabad ) - profile picture

5 Very effective hair vitalizer oil

Sarita Kejriwal ( Ghaziabad ) 2021-03-29

It's really helped me to control my hair fall, It's smell is like Ayurvedic, typical and hard, personally I didn't like the smell, But the product giving very good results.

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