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Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Soap

Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Soap caresses your body and freshens your soul. Applying it rejuvenates the body entirely, prevents and leaves a soft, soothing & sensitive skin.

Charcoal & Mint Bath Soap

Charcoal soap is a discovery made from ancient ayurved. It kill germs with charcoal molecules


Cocoma Coffee Butter Soap

Power of cocoa has skin softening formula that replenish skin. It repair damaged skin & formation of new cells.


Neem, Basil & Honey Bath Soap

Exquisite soap removes all germs, bacteria from the body during the bath. Keeps you fresh & glowing the whole day.


Tangy Lemon & Mandarin Soap

Citrus mandarin mix with tangy lemon restore & replenish the skin during bath & its piquant, strong aroma removes body odour.


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