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Aroma Store Activated bamboo charcoal soap with Tea Tree & Mint

Why Charcoal on Soap in ancient Ayurved formula to add beauty in skin complexion….

Charcoal is an earthly divine, natural impure form of graphite carbon extract residue, while Ayurveda is considered as a ‘Science of Life'. This probably made life to mix & match with Ayurveda on skin implementation. But, how… the answer is by beauty skin care in manufacturing Charcoal & Mint Bath Soap through the process “Aroma Therapy”. Now, it’s the fight between Skin & Complexion, both want beauty at the same time. Since, Ayurveda Aroma Therapy expands the span of life, and, so every beauty conscious consumer is always in search for the best. By searching on Google search engine, if you search for Charcoal soap based on ancient Ayurvedic touch, you'll find Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint Soap that is eco-friendly as it is made from activated charcoal in a soap. After seeing it, and by reading this blog, you'll be able to understand why the soap is a blind's choice or its a unanimous choice. You can get online, “AROMA THERAPY CHARCOAL & MINT Soap” at your doorstep or at any of Aroma Store Retail Outlet.

Ayurveda is priceless, and we made it a precious soap, prominently & permanently. Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint mixed Soap is a wonderful, herbal, Ayurvedic additive for soap which is eco-friendly, the first-in-its-kind in India. Taking it as a natural, herbal cleanser, it adds to the oil absorbency power of Ayurved charcoal to make the skin rejuvenate and replenish from inside the skin cell.  For example, if you start applying Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint soap, it’s creamy, nourishing lather acts on skin like a regular shampoo, and rub it into your scalp during your shower, you can help your body eliminate excess oils in the hair, giving your hair bigger body and shine.  It’s messy, but it works (although if you've got blonde or dirty blonde hair, you must test it because it can stain). Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint Soap is a superb selection & the best choice for any damaged skin. 

How it removes germs from the body to freshen the soul after hard work, or casual, usual work, require a proper bath...  

the soap has Activated Bamboo Charcoal that effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes deeper impurities, and dead skin cells. The soap makes after bath a smooth, supple, and even-toned skin. It automatically magnetize by active bamboo charcoal, the dirt, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and other poisons by charcoal molecules and washes away. For oily, acne-prone skin, the Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint Soap will pull excess dirt and oil from the pores and leave the skin healthier.  

Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint Soap is a superb soap for teenagers and adults who have acne problems or excessive oil in their skin and hair. It contains Peppermint oil, Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Organic Castor, Organic Golden Jojoba Extra virgin Olive oil, Organic sweet Almond oil, Walnut shell powder & essentially essential Activated Bamboo Charcoal.  Our natural oils provide a rich creamy lather.  The castor oil and activated bamboo charcoal provides the humectant qualities for the skin.  The clay is for mild exfoliation, and the charcoal removes toxins.  As for color and fragrance changes, well, since we are manufacturing with stringent quality control so that each batch is unique, and each soap cake is a masterpiece, which is how soap we put our best to our consumers & community in our view.  By the way, at Aroma Store Retail outlet, you'll get  Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint Soap, you’ll be able to avail more bang for your buck.

We’d love you to like our blog and undertake our Aroma Therapy Charcoal & Mint Soap for your family and realize simply, it’s really the simplest to add beauty in the happy family. Please click to shop from AROMA STORE for your home below to buy one for yourself or as present as a superb seasonal gift to someone you love, today.


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